Your Dream Will Come True

“And because the midwives feared God, he gave them families of their own” (Exodus 1:21, NLT)

Do you have a dream?  Do you have something that ignites your passion so much that you refer to it as your “baby”?  Is there a delay in the fulfillment of your dream?  This email is for you.  Your dream will come true!

The delay in the fulfillment of your dream is a sign that God has initiated a process.  He doesn’t introduce processes because He’s insensitive; rather, He’s intentional.  He inserts process to qualify you for progress.

The midwives in Exodus 1:21 serve as an excellent example of what I’m referring to.  They went through a process, and God gave them a promise.  Here’s the quick version of their story:

  1. SUFFERING: They were without families.  Essentially, their dreams were delayed, which can be a difficult season to endure.
  2. SUPPORTIVE: They made a living helping other women give birth.  They were supportive while others accomplished the dream they envisioned.
  3. SATISFACTION: God gave them their own families.  After process, they enjoyed progress.

That’s how I can say with confidence that your dream will come true.  You’ve lived through the process, so get ready for progress!  In due season, God will give you what you’ve been waiting for.  Your dream will come true!