You Haven’t Seen God’s Best Yet

So Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth, the Moabite, came back from the hill country of Moab.  These two women came to Bethlehem at the beginning of barley harvest (Ruth 1:22, NLT).
As you read this email, I believe God’s favor has been apparent in your life this year.  If you take a few moments, I’m sure you can identify something that verifies how blessed you are.  Maybe it’s health.  Maybe it’s wealth.  Maybe it’s an unexpected opportunity.
No matter what it is, or how exciting it may be, I have even better news for you.  There’s even greater headed in your direction!  God hasn’t finished blessing you this year; He’s just getting started.
What’s about to happen to you reminds me of what happened to Ruth in the Bible.  Ruth’s trip to Bethlehem with Naomi transformed her life from famine to favor, but she had no idea how incredible the favor would be!  She not only received bread, but she ended up with Boaz!  Once the blessings started for Ruth, they did not cease.
God wants you to know that the blessings you already received this year are a sneak peek of what He’s about to do.  God has not exhausted all of His blessings, rather; He has more stored up for you.  You haven’t seen God’s best yet!  Even better blessings are on the way, so great ready for something incredible!