Stop Holding Yourself Back

When the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified. In their fear, they cried out, “It’s a ghost!” (Matthew 14:26, NLT)


Face it.  You’re likely not living up to your potential in at least one area of your life.  You can probably identify the area of your life where that’s most apparent.  Now that you have it in mind, I have another question for you.  How long will you keep being your own worst enemy?  How much longer will you create excuses to dismiss the yearn you have to be greater?


Excuses are not making life more convenient for you.  In fact, you’re just holding yourself back like the disciples who remained on the ship when Peter stepped out and walked on water.  They had the same opportunity.  They had access to the same power, yet they remained in their comfort zone.  This story could have been the first instance of 13 people simultaneously defying odds, but 11 people were content with average.


I’m writing to ignite something deep within you.  God created you to make a difference, and it’s a disservice to humanity for you to play it safe.  Everything does not have to align perfectly for you to explore your potential.  All that’s necessary is willingness.  Step out of your comfort zone and see the odds you can overcome!  Stop holding yourself back and live up to the true potential you have!