Keep Going

“Late at night, the boat was far out at sea … He could see his men struggling with the oars, the wind having come up against them” (Mark 6:47-48, MSG)

I feel led to write to people whose life seems to be unraveling at the seams.  You’re in a season that feels like one thing after another with no relief in sight.  Although it may seem logical, this is not the time to quit.  I’m writing to encourage you to keep going!

Storms (challenges) don’t always mean you’re headed in the wrong direction.  Just consider the disciples in Mark 6.  They had a clear command from Jesus to “get in the boat and go on ahead across to Bethsaida while he dismissed the congregation” (Mark 6:45, MSG).  As they traveled, they ran into a storm.  They text, however, is clear.  They didn’t stop because of the storm.  They were “struggling with the oars” (Mark 6:48, MSG).  I know we normally don’t spin the word “struggle” positively, but in this case, it means they kept going.

I’m glad they didn’t reverse course.  By choosing to continue their journey, they saw a miracle they wouldn’t have seen – Jesus walking on water.  They also made it to Bethsaida.  If you haven’t caught it, I’m trying to provide an incentive for you to keep going.  If you stop now, you’re going to miss something incredible about Jesus.  Worst, you may never make it to the place He promised.

Keep going!  You may have to row hard, but keep moving.  Jesus knows where you are, and He remembers where He promised you would be.  Hang in there until He shows up miraculously to help you reach your destiny!