If you’re waiting for anything from God, I have breaking news for you:  

What you’re waiting for is already in progress!

I know the evidence suggests otherwise.  The job is still frustrating and does not compensate you for your competence or contributions.  Your financial outlook is grim and the chances of meeting all of your obligations is slim.  The pain in your body has not subsided, and more complications have manifested.  The relationship that once seemed dreamy is on life support with no signs of revitalization.  With circumstances like these weighing heavily on your mind, it’s easy to think God has ignored your prayers or forgotten what He promised.

How do you function when information seems more accurate than revelation?  10 men with leprosy in Luke 17 offer a pattern we can follow.  After they pleaded with Jesus for mercy, He told them to go to the priest.  His message was clear: you’re healed, and your visit to the priest will confirm it.  Yet, the miracle was not instantaneous.  On their way to the priest, they had ample information to consider – published survival statistics for people with leprosy, their own challenges and complications with the disease, and a long journey to the priest.

But, these men kept walking.  Notice the results: “And as they went, they were cleansed of their leprosy” (Luke 17:14, NLT).  By walking in revelation (understanding of what Jesus said) instead of information (their deteriorating body and isolated lifestyle), they arrived at the healing Jesus implied.  From the moment Jesus spoke, the healing was already in progress.  By following His Word, they came into agreement with a miracle already in progress!

Let this post encourage you.  What you’re waiting for has been in progress since you heard it.  Rather than lean into information, trust the revelation.  Keep walking in what you heard from the Lord.  It may be painful at times, but keep walking.  Frustrations may arise, yet keep walking.  You may feel uncertain, but keep walking.  If you’ll keep moving, you’ll eventually see the miracle that’s already in progress!