My friend, I have good news. I see something amazing in your future. What you’ve only imagined is on the way. This is your “Samuel” season.

It may seem far-fetched when you consider your present circumstances. If you were honest, you’d say this is the most intense season of your life. Fret not my friend. What is will not remain. This is your “Samuel” season.

If you haven’t leaped for joy yet, let me share more about Samuel. Samuel is not just a name. For Hannah, his mother, the name represented an experience. Notice how this is described in 1 Samuel:

and in due time she gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel, for she said, “I asked the Lord for him.”

1 Samuel 1:20, NLT.

Now let me say it again. This is your “Samuel” season. The crisis you’ve endured created the perfect circumstances for God to provide something you asked Him for. This is your “Samuel” season, and what you’ve awaited will come. Get excited, for the “it” you want most will come!