He Won’t Let You Fall

Last night, I sat my daughter on the edge of our couch to take her socks off.  She felt uneasy about being on the edge of the couch, and she said, “Daddy, I’m going to fall.”  I immediately reassured her, “I won’t let you fall.”

As soon as I said that, I smiled because I felt God speaking.  He said, “That’s exactly how I feel about my children.”  This morning, He resumed the conversation by sharing this excerpt from Psalm 121: “He will not let you fall.  Your Protector will not fall asleep” (verse 3, ERV).  If you read Psalm 121 in its entirety, you’ll see that God is very intentional with His children.  He does everything possible to keep us from danger.

Now, this is not our authorization to live life on the edge.  Rather, it’s our assurance that He’s always there to protect us, even when it seems we’re on the edge.  So, go confidently in the direction of your dreams, knowing that He won’t let you fall.