Get to Jesus

Jesus was inside the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow.  The followers went and woke him.  They said, “Teacher, don’t you care about us?  We are going to drown!” (Mark 4:38, ERV)


How do you respond to storms?  Do you retreat into seclusion to sulk in your sorrows?  Do you revert back to social norms to escape your current reality?  Or, do you run to the Savior to find help in your time of need?


Our responses to storms are telling.  Retreating into seclusion may suggest that the storm is stronger than we are.  Reverting to social norms may indicate that we have not grown spiritually.  Running to Jesus, as the discples did in Mark 4:38, suggests that we believe in His power to help us overcome a temporary situation.


You have too much potential to retreat into seclusion.  You’ve made too much progress to revert to social norms.  Jesus has too much power to accept defeat.  If you’re in a storm, get to Jesus.  He is our present help in trouble, and He will bring you out!