A Sign of Things to Come

And that afternoon the dove came back to Noah.  The dove had a fresh olive leaf in its mouth.  This was a sign to show Noah that there was dry ground on the earth (Genesis 8:11, ERV)


One of the strangest things happened to my wife and me last weekend.  As we finished dinner, suddenly, we heard a loud crash on the front of our house.  My wife went to a window where the noise seemed to emanate, and we heard the noise again.  This time, it was near our front door.  We went to the door only to discover that a dove was the culprit.


All of this happened around 9:00 p.m.  That’s an odd time of day to see a dove, especially one sitting on our door frame like it hadn’t just slammed into our house twice.  We called my wife’s father to share the events with someone, and he jokingly said, “Maybe God is trying to tell you something.”


He was.  As odd as the appearance of this dove was, the message was clear.  Peace had arrived; pain and suffering were expelled.  That’s what the dove showed Noah after the flood.  The dove he sent out from the ark came back with a fresh olive leaf.  This was a sign to Noah that the worst was over!


I believe that this post will serve as your “dove.”  As random as it may seem, God says that your worst is over and the best just started.  God tailored this post to give you a sign of things to come!  Goodbye pain and pressure; hello peace and provision!