While reading during my personal study time, this verse leaped off the page:

Then Naomi heard in Moab that the Lord had blessed his people in Juday by giving them good crops again.


I felt God’s anointing on that verse. God turned famine in Judah into favor. Let me speak that over you. God will turn your famine into favor. No matter where you’re experiencing a shortage, God is shifting it to surplus!

My friend, let me encourage you. This is not the season to let your feelings guide your decisions. Feelings like anxiety, confusion, fear, panic, and worry are unstable at best and certainly not a reliable guide in a famine. I can tell you from experience: decisions rotted in your feelings will make things worse.

This is the season to base your decisions on faith. Let your belief that God is already shifting your shortage guide your decisions. If the shortage is financial, wait until He opens the window in Heaven to provide a more than enough blessing. If it’s a health shortage, trust Him for healing, even if a medical procedure may be involved. If the shortage is relational, rest in His willingness to never leave nor forsake you.

My friend, I’m writing to encourage you to thrive, not survive. Live by faith, for your latter will be totally different from your now. God is up to something you can’t see, so don’t throw in the towel. In His perfect timing, your famine will turn into favor!